My name is Anna Welsh. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a background in trauma informed therapy with a passion for integrating spirituality into treatment. As a therapist I am here to offer guidance towards sustainable transformation within a space that fosters harmony and quietude of the mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you are entering therapy seeking support for chronic pain, substance use, depression, anxiety, or trauma symptoms, I believe that the process of therapy requires empathy and attunement from which to explore all of the nuances of being human. This process is one that is co-created and always collaborative. My training stems from Psychodynamic theory and Depth Psychology, which asks us to look beneath the surface of what we are aware of at present to see what lies beneath in our symbolic world.

My main interests focus on individual and group work around resiliency, wellness, and in helping people regain a sense of meaning and inspiration in their daily life. By integrating spirituality into the vessel of therapy, both the authentic self and our intuition may inform how we engage with our core and the world around us. Through the process of rebuilding the bridge between our mind, body, and spirit, we can allow for empathy, respect, and curiosity to be nurtured from within.

I see psychotherapy as a means of cultivating self-exploration and expanding our self-awareness, while the therapeutic relationship is viewed as a sacred illustration that allows for us to step into a process to nurture the awareness of your mind, your body, and spirit.

When I engage with the world I see the impact of trauma and disconnect. I see fear where there should be joy, I see isolation and despair where there could be hope, and collapsed, closed modes of being where there could be openness, connection, and compassion. In trauma there is a profound dissociation—a disconnect that permeates most things, leaving an emptiness and isolation in its wake. An isolation that may emerge in the form of physical or emotional pain, a pain that our mind often cannot make sense of. I believe that through finding meaning what has been relegated into isolated compartments can be integrated again, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves, our relationships to those we hold most dear, as well as to nature and the world around us. This is what therapy can provide.


Key Services Offered:

  • In depth, integrative assessment and evaluation that addresses the whole person
  • Evaluation and assessment for pain management and substance use
  • Goal oriented symptom reduction strategies
  • Tools for accessing your intuition, inner guidance and grounding
  • Psychotherapy for Sustainable Transformation
  • Tools for personal transformation and meaning making – spiritual guidance, spiritual intelligence assessment, personality tools, including Enneagram assessment, purpose and passion exploration
  • Creative expression
  • Healing after trauma