I began working at the age of 13 and have had a long and diverse career path that has included the following positions:

  • a child care facility provider;
  • chiropractic assistant;
  • retail;
  • food prep;
  • bank teller;
  • caring for disabled;
  • finance company customer service representative,
  • loan officer,
  • manager;
  • administrative assistant;
  • mortgage loan processor;
  • escrow assistant,
  • 911 dispatcher,
  • Wife and partner to a police officer and
    mother of two magnificent boys
  • Home school teacher
  • neuromuscular massage therapist,

    I include all of these positions/roles in my story  because the combination of these experiences has led me to where I am today.  I am now a neuromuscular massage therapist and pain management specialist. I am living my professional dream which is to help individuals heal from pain and move on to live satisfying and productive lives.

    It took me two years of sitting in on classes and talking about going to NHI before the timing was right. Once there I knew I had found my calling. Being able to use my hands, not medications, to lessen the pain someone has been dealing with, sometimes for years, is so rewarding.

    At my graduation from the National Holistic Institute in (NHI) 900-hour massage therapy program I met Terrie Carpenter, founder of Allies for Change©, a collaborative health care practice specializing in non-medication pain management and sustainable recovery. I had heard about the work she was doing from one of my classmates at NHI who was her apprentice. I was inspired!!

After graduating at the top of my class I continued on to NHI’s Advanced Neuromuscular 450-hour program. I graduated from that program in December 2016. During my time in the advanced program I worked at a chiropractic office hoping to fulfill my desire to help heal people’s bodies but that experience left me wanting more.

At that point I learned that my classmate was moving on to pursue other interests and that Terrie Carpenter was looking to replace that position. I jumped at that opportunity because Terrie’s philosophy of helping people heal without the use of medication was exactly what I had been searching for to actualize my career.

The bonus factor for me is that my scope of responsibilities at Allies for Change includes business development, administrative duties as well as my love for helping people through my neuromuscular massage training. I am so blessed to be able to use both sides of my brain.