If you look back at the change model, you will see that a foundational piece is something we call Ally Support. It is our experience that to overcome the barriers to change and move on to healing from pain, this kind of support can be lifesaving.

The Ally Support relationship we create with our clients is vitally important and it begins with the first contact…even if that is by phone. In order to create and sustain positive behavioral change (healing from pain), an individual must have this kind of empowering support. They must feel emotionally safe enough to show their authentic selves.

The Ally Support Model has the following very specific communication characteristics:
• It is validating: an individual feels seen, heard and believed)
• It is not shaming or judgmental.
• It guides rather than lectures.
• It inherently models behavior rather than preaching.
• It is a style of communication that includes listening without fixing.
• It has a clear quality of consistency.
• It is supportive rather than telling people what they should do.
• It empowers others to discover their inner truths.
• It invites interaction and collaboration with others.

I know that when an individual is held within this particular relationship model, they get stronger, more resourceful and have higher self esteem. Then, the door is open for true healing to take place.

Once our clients fully understand the power of Ally Support, we encourage them to seek it out in all of their relationships including their other medical and health care practitioners.