Change Model

Anyone whose quality of life has been diminished by their pain will benefit from working with Allies for Change. Here at Allies, we look at healing from pain as a process of change. This process is depicted here in the Change Model diagram at the top.

When our clients come for their first visit, we believe they have made a conscious decision to change the way pain has been affecting their lives. We guide them around the Change Model looking at all of the reasons they have not been able to heal.

We take them through an in-depth evaluation process that includes a lifestyle assessment and a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation. This enables us to understand the lifestyle habits and adaptive movement patterns that have developed as a result of their pain and now contribute significantly to the pain pattern.

Taking small steps, we guide them through the three levels of healing the musculoskeletal system:

Level 1: Reducing the pain and quieting the nervous system
Level 2: Balancing and aligning the musculoskeletal system
Level 3: Strengthening and conditioning the nervous and musculoskeletal system
We help or clients understand the value of Ally Support. We then work them to establish a collaborative treatment team.

Finally, we then provide short and long-term Ally Support to help develop and implement the needed lifestyle changes that result in decreased pain, increased quality of life and true healing.