__Many things contribute to our capacity to achieve a state of good health including good nutrition and exercise, effective stress-management and good personal and familial relationships. A balance and integration of mind, body and spirit will lead us to that desired state of well-being commonly know as wellness.

__Overwhelming stress and perceived time constraints will almost always lead to poor self-care. As things begin to feel more and more out of balance we find our mind, body and spirit quite fragmented. This often leads to depression, overwhelm, anxiety and a feeling of just being stuck.

__At Allies for Change, we know that achieving a state of wellness can be a difficult process requiring self-awareness and healthy living practices that we call lifeskills. We have developed The Change Model to guide individuals and families through a program that leads to lasting and sustainable change. This Model is a powerful process that combines the development of self-awareness and healthy living practices (Lifeskills) with a very specific kind of support.

__As challenging as it can be, we know that achieving wellness is a realistic goal and our collaborative Ally Support is foundational to the process of change. Interacting with our clients in a supportive and non-judgmental way creates a framework for change to occur.

Pain Management Program

Sustainable Recovery

Psychotherapy Sessions