Sustainable Recovery

What is Sustainable Recovery?

Sustainable Recovery, simply put, acknowledges that change is a process, not an event. We know that changing our habits and behaviors is very difficult, especially if we are suffering from pain and/or addiction. At Allies for Change, we collaborate with our clients to set realistic goals. Then, we educate, train and support them in taking small steps so they are able to gain confidence in their ability to succeed at changing. We keep it easy and sustainable by helping individuals learn that there are so many little things they can do in their daily life that will literally make it possible to recover from pain/addiction and restore their health.

All of us know someone who is suffering from pain and/or addiction who struggles to have a different life. We know that many people don’t have the daily coping strategies (Lifeskills) to heal. The lack of these skills often make it impossible for people to maintain a life without pain and/or a life of sobriety (if this is the goal at hand). Just wishing things could get better doesn’t make it so. There has to be a plan. We see Lifeskills as skills that individuals can LEARN that will help them be successful in living a productive and satisfying life. The most important Lifeskill for non-medication pain management is self-care.

In regards to sobriety and recovery world…

There are so many wonderful tools that an individual struggling with addiction can access such as 12-step programs, sponsorship, psychotherapy, IOP’s, Sober Living environment, residential treatment programs, etc. While these resources are significant and necessary, there remains a missing piece and relapse is still common. At Allies for Change, we attempt to provide that missing piece to address the gap through teaching basic lifeskills and offering our unique model of Ally Support.

We have all heard stories of people who get out of in-patient/residential treatment and relapse in the first 24 hours. Imagine an individual who has just completed treatment. They are excited to be sober and have in hand a plan of meetings that they will attend as well as a rough schedule for talking to their sponsor. They return to their “home” or supposed living situation only to be consumed by anxiety over food planning, financial management, and the simple fact that they don’t have a comfortable, nurturing place to sleep at night.

Our Sustainable Recovery Model helps individuals remain calm and focused after such treatment and be able to move forward in their sobriety with tools like meal planning, creating a nurturing and inspiring home environment, daily problem solving, communicating effectively with family and friends, balancing their checking account and budgeting, and much more.

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