Sustainable Recovery

If you are reading this, chances are that you, or someone you love is struggling with addiction. At Allies for Change we understand that suffering from addiction and chronic relapse greatly diminishes your quality of life. Addiction makes it difficult to work, have relationships, and feel competent. Most people eventually become depressed, hopeless and fearful. Your mind, body and spirit become fragmented. The more fragmented a person feels, the more likely it is that person is going to relapse. It is a vicious cycle.

People become addicted to substances for many reasons. Some people become addicted to prescription medications used to manage physical pain. Others begin using drugs or alcohol occasionally and then find that their use increases to the point of becoming physically or emotionally addicted. Many people use substances as a way of dealing with, or avoiding painful feelings.

Understanding the underlying issues and how they relate to each other is a critical part of the healing process. Most people struggling with addiction are not aware of the multiple layers that are contributing to their addiction and relapse cycle. At Allies for Change we know that healing from addiction is a difficult process requiring self-awareness and healthy living practices. We have developed The Change Model to guide individuals and families through a program that leads to lasting and sustainable change.

As challenging as it is, we know that recovery is possible and that it takes a team of practitioners to facilitate the healing process. Our collaborative Ally Support model is foundational to this process.

Interacting with our clients in a supportive and non-judgmental way creates a framework for healing to occur. At Allies for Change we strongly believe the relationship between patient and practitioner can be healing in and of itself. To that end we strive to create a system of support whereby each patient has a team of “Allies” working with them to facilitate their healing and growth.

Relapse Prevention
The common term for falling out of recovery is called relapse. There are many programs that provide relapse prevention training to those individuals struggling with their sobriety.

Our work at Allies has led us naturally to create our Sustainable Recovery program because chronic pain and chronic relapse share a similar constellation of symptoms.

Healing requires an individual to go through a process of change that takes place over time. Each of the symptoms listed must be addressed. At Allies we:

Look at recovery as a process of change and what makes that change so difficult.
Realize that the absence of Life-skills – basic daily coping strategies such as self-care – dramatically contribute to relapse.
Understand that providing short and long-term Ally Support is key in helping an individual develop and implement the needed lifestyle changes that result in Sustainable Recovery.

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