What does “Prolonged Pain Complex” Mean? – Redefining Chronic Pain

Suffering from chronic pain makes every day living difficult. It takes a toll on both your body and your mind and many people begin to feel that their life will always be controlled by pain. Chronic pain makes it difficult to work, have relationships, and build self-confidence. Often people become depressed, hopeless and fearful. Both depression and anxiety can increase pain. Your mind, body and spirit become fragmented. Eventually there are multiple layers of factors contributing to physical pain. For this reason we view chronic pain more as a Prolonged Pain Complex.

Most people suffering from Prolonged Pain Complex are not aware of these multiple layers and their lives have become so constricted that they begin to feel like hostages to their pain. Needs, hopes and desires that might not be related to pain get buried under the preoccupation with the physical distress.

Although healing from Prolonged Pain Complex is a difficult process, our experience has shown us that recovery is possible and one’s life does not need to be controlled by pain. Our treatment model is specific, individualized and transformative. Your mind, body and spirit will once again become integrated and your quality of life will improve dramatically.

Following is a framework of treatment methodology:
1. Create an atmosphere of validation, hope and healing.
2. Quiet the neuromuscular system and reduce physical pain.
3. Assess and treat the impact of prolonged pain complex on the body’s soft tissue system.
4. Provide education in the proper use of pain medication.
5. Provide training in non-medication pain management.
6. Develop self-awareness around the relationship between stress, anxiety, fear and pain.
7. Develop healthy Life-skills around self-care and coping designed specifically for pain reduction and healthy living.
8. Educate families so they more fully understand the impact of these complex pain conditions on themselves and their loved ones.

At Allies for Change, we strongly believe that the relationship between patient and practitioner can be healing in and of itself. To that end we strive to create a system of support whereby each patient has a team of “Allies” working with them to facilitate their healing and growth.

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