Who is Terri Carpenter?

Terrie Carpenter Terrie Carpenter is a licensed Physical Therapist who has been practicing in her field for over 40 years. During the course of her career Terrie has had considerable clinical experience. She has worked extensively in the acute care and out patient settings. She has been actively involved in program development and clinical teaching of physical therapy interns. She participated in spearheading the growth of the cardiopulmonary area of physical therapy. She has worked collaboratively on federal grants designed to teach acute care to hospitals in more rural areas. Terrie is a national speaker and author.

Terrie’s vast experience in acute care sets her apart from other pain management specialists and has led her to create a very effective three-level approach to healing from pain. It was her work in residential treatment programs that resulted in designing life-skill classes to support her clients in staying well long term. Working with clients to achieve wellness and prevent injury is an integral part of Terrie’s practice.

Throughout her life’s journey one thing has remained constant and that is her passion to support individuals and systems in making positive and lasting change. Combining her education, training, professional and personal experiences she has created “The Change Model.” This model provides the foundational piece for her professional work, her volunteer efforts and her desire to live a conscious, effective and satisfying life.

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