Specialists in Pain Management and Sustainable Recovery
If you are ready to break free from the hold of chronic pain or relapse... we can help.


We support individuals in breaking free from the hold of pain that diminishes the quality of their life. Treatment begins at the first contact by engaging each individual in a style of communication that invokes trust, invites collaboration, and opens the doors for healing to begin.


At Allies for Change, we see the very term “chronic pain” as part of the problem. It can be a limiting term that results in making individuals feel hopeless. The concept of “chronic pain” often leads health care practitioners to address symptoms, not causes, with medications and procedures. When the problem isn’t solved and the patient returns, they are often treated in a judgmental and shaming manner.


Recovery is a return to health. Whether recovering from pain, surgery, or addiction, our behaviors and habits need to be changed and sustained. Our model addresses this fact head on.


Well developed Lifeskills create the foundation that help an individual become successful at building a productive and satisfying life… a life free of pain and addiction.


    We look at every aspect of a person’s life that might be contributing to their pain.


    We develop a collaborative, individualized treatment plan that addresses each of the contributing factors.


    We provide short and long-term support to help develop and implement the needed life style changes that result in true healing.

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What Our Clients Said

  • “Terrie has truly been a blessing in my life. I was having major problems with my neck. I had seen numerous Doctors, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists with little relief. I even had a Radiofrequency Ablation procedure in my neck, which resulted in nerve damage that bothered for years. By the time I went to see Terrie, the nerve damage was so sensitive that my neck couldn’t even be touched. I had no idea how I was ever going to be relieved of the pain. Terrie not only helped to reduce the pain significantly, but she was also able to specifically show me why and how my daily life was turning me into a ball of stress and translating into chronic pain in my body. She taught me about "self care," which is a concept I now use with my clients in my own practice as a coach. Terrie healed my physical pain and rehabilitated my spirit along the way. Without Terrie I doubt I’d be where I am today. I am consistently out of pain and thriving in my body. I have so much gratitude for Terrie Carpenter.”

    J. Howard Pain Management Client
  • “I have a specific issue with my right hip joint, which has been present since birth. It can affect my ability to walk, especially long distances. This past year I took a trip abroad for about a month. My biggest fear on this trip this time was that my hip would prevent me from the whole activity. I went to Terrie for her expertise in pain assessment and soft tissue rebalancing. She manually worked on me to relieve my pain. She also helped me implement very effective self-care methods to maintain my progress. These included specific and manageable strategies for pain reduction and increasing activity levels. My trip abroad was a success; I was able to walk long distances without pain! I’ve seen numerous practitioners and health specialists with little relief. Other Physical Therapists spend very little time with an individual, do very little manual work, and often overwhelm a person with too many recommendations and plans of exercise. At times, I left these sessions feeling a bit hopeless and alone. Working with Terrie left me feeling like my whole self had been treated and I had a partner to support my ongoing self-care.”

    L.G.D.Pain Management Client
  • “Working with Allies for Change, and Terrie Carpenter specifically, literally changed the course of my life. She provided me with the support I needed to step outside my comfort zone and attack the obstacles that I had placed in my own way. I would not be leading the happy, healthy life that I am now without her. I would recommend Allies for Change to anyone struggling with addiction. With Terrie’s guidance, my life was set on a positive course and I have never been happier. I could not be the person I am now, without her council. She is truly a force!”

     T.H. (patient)
    T.H. (patient)
  • “Terrie Carpenter is a wonderful and compassionate person who believes client care is a top priority. Ms. Carpenter works from a holistic perspective and acknowledges the body, mind and spirit as being integral to a client’s healing process. I highly recommend Terrie Carpenter as a dedicated, compassionate professional who would be an asset to any individual dealing with chronic pain.”

    Alicia English, Ph.D.
  • I was involved in a bicycle accident in 2010 and was severely injured from head to toe. Through the course of my recovery I came to a place where my pain and discomfort was not improving, and I was searching for alternative treatments to help me through the rough spot. I was referred to Terrie Carpenter by way of a radio program I was listening to and she spoke to me through the airways. I picked up the phone and made an appointment and what an experience this has been. I'm able to live and move like a normal person with Terrie's treatment plan she developed for me. She has a unique approach to PT and works with the entire body and not just the broken parts. I'm able to stand, walk, and move with greater flexibility without the pain that I had when I arrived at her office. Terrie Carpenter has the experience and approach to healing that no other Physical Therapist had that worked with me. I highly recommend Terrie Carpenter for your healing and pain management care.

    Mark B.San Ramon, CA
  • “I started working with Terrie back in 2014 and while I now live abroad, travel often, and don't necessarily need the hands-on, manual work I once did, I continue to do Ally Support with her. Initially, I was referred to Terrie to help me deal with my overwhelming anxiety and my nervous system which was stuck in overdrive. I had no idea that the kind of treatment Terrie offered even existed. After my anxiety became manageable and my nervous system was rebalanced, we progressed to Lifeskills training. In working with her, I learned organizational, financial, and communication skills which helped me to stay grounded and utilize healthy problem-solving strategies in my daily life. We continue to work on this Lifeskills development through weekly skype meetings, and frequent texting which provides consistent accountability framework for me. I am in recovery and while I benefit from 12-step programs and having a sponsor, Ally Support and Terries methods work amazingly well in conjunction with these models, especially for individuals dealing with high anxiety, early recovery, or relapse risk. My process with Terrie has increased my self esteem so that I am better equipped to make positive and healthy choices for living my day-to-day life."

    R.G.Sustainable Recovery Client
  • “The therapists at Allies for Change were so patient with me and understood the fear that plagues so many chronic pain patients and underlies their failure to succeed. And I am a success! My pain is no longer in charge of my life. Through my training with Allies for Change, and the myriad of tools they have shown me, I now know that I am in charge of my pain. My pain is no longer in charge of me.”

    R.M. (patient)
    R.M. (patient)
  • “My name is Margo Forbes. Recently I had a remarkable healing experience that I can totally credit Terrie Carpenter for. Two months ago I was struck by overwhelming leg pain that extended from my hip to the top of my foot. I knew that I had not injured myself in anyway so was unable to account for where this was coming from and more importantly how someone could help with something I could not explain. In the first appointment, Terrie Carpenter was able to assess and identify the source of my pain and begin my healing by choosing specific exercises and resources to supplement these exercises. She treated my pain with techniques that were so specific to the exact pain location there was no question that she totally understood what was happening without any additional information. I received two additional treatments. I have now gone from debilitating cramping and pain to being completely pain free. She is exceptionally talented at her role as a physical therapist. I give her my strongest recommendation.”

    Margo ForbesClient
  • “I began working with Terrie about 10 years ago at various local drug and alcohol treatment centers. We worked collaboratively treating the same clients. This collaboration allowed me to see the benefits of her work on a physical level as well as witness her ability to partner with clients in calming their nervous systems. She is also able to support her clients in developing the Lifeskills (daily coping strategies) needed to heal from their pain and addiction and to live in their world clean and sober. Her dynamic and diverse skill set enables her to provide traditional physical therapy modalities. Furthermore, she has the intuition and self awareness to provide spiritual and emotional support to her clients. That kind of support is as good as the work I’ve seen from many psychotherapists. Terrie is not afraid to work with individuals with complex diagnoses and her willingness to work as team player and build a practitioner network around a client is inspirational in the current climate of competitive health care practitioners.”

    Barbara MacDonaldMD Psychiatrist
  • “When we worked together at a residential program, I witnessed her transform one chronic pain patient after another from a despairing immobile wreck to a happy, hopeful and mobile person. All her patients referred to her as ‘a miracle worker’. I finally let her work her miracle on me. Her diagnostic eye was impeccable and accurate. She helped me face the depth of my chronic pain, muscular tension, and bodily dissociation from childhood trauma. During the first session, I felt the life force flood into my lower back and felt so relaxed. Since doing the daily exercises, it feels like my spine is opening and lengthening and there is real energy in my muscles instead of deadness. I am walking my rhythmically instead of like I have a board in my back. She has finally given me hope for a healthy spine and the freedom of full muscular movement.”

    Ron Mied, MFTI, RAS
  • “Terrie Carpenter’s work is unsurpassed. She works with sensitivity, compassion and a profound knowledge base. I have repeatedly seen her empower people to reduce and eliminate their physical pain with even the most complex and chronic physical concerns. Terrie provides immeasurable emotional, psychological and physical support towards amazing transformation. In short, she is a miracle worker.”

    Krista Gilbert, Ph.D., LMFT
  • “Intrigued by Terrie Carpenter's Pain Management and Self-Care presentation, I booked an appointment to address migraines and chronic shoulder and neck pain and stiffness. Her gentle approach creates a deeply relaxing state that has opened the door to healing and better overall self-care. I feel terrific!”

    CJ Ross
  • “After lots of years and money spent on various physical therapies from chiropractors, deep muscle massage specialists, acupuncturists and even an epidural treatment from Kaiser ( it worked for a while), I happened upon Terrie. I told her I had to sit down because of a sciatica related issue, and she immediately said, "You need to come see me! I can fix you!" Pain is a great motivator, and a week later I went to see her for the first time. The first part of the first session was spent filling in the details and history of my lower back and sciatica problem. She "worked on me " for the back half of the hour and three days later I was aware that it was the first time in years I wasn't in some kind of pain! Not only that, but the lack pain meant better energy as well. It was amazing! I've continued to see her for the past few months and over that time my back has gotten stronger, the sciatica pain has been knocked down substantially, and I'm getting well! I would be even better if I wasn't such a slacker and drifted regularly from her prescribed daily exercise routine. She helped me commit to really doing those exercises and now I am. The payoff is hard to ignore! I'm hiking, even jogging, and as long as I stick with the program, I am pain free! If you are in pain, go see her! She will fix you! She is also, really really nice!"

    Don F.Client
  • “I first worked with Terrie Carpenter at Alta Mira Recovery Center, where I used to be the Clinical Director. When I met her, I was immediately taken by her philosophy and integrated approach towards chronic pain, and specifically her techniques for quieting the nervous system and accomplishing cellular restoration. Inpatient treatment centers such as Alta Mira have clients that are dealing with complicated physical and psychological responses, such as withdrawals. Terrie was able to create a magical space for clients where they literally would walk out of her treatment room after 1 hour standing taller and radiating a certain level of calmness that they had not possessed before. She is a brilliant Physical Therapist and Pain Management Specialist, but her application of quieting someone's nervous system elevates her to a miracle worker.”

    Matt Blagys PhD Clinical Psychologist